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5 Speed Reading Techniques and Tips

Article By Dave Eaves

The chances are, whether you’re at school trying to wade through a history essay or reading the morning newspaper on the way to work, at some point you will have wished that you could read a little faster, so I’ve compiled a few speed reading techniques which I hope you will find useful.

The fact is that in this world where we want everything bigger, better and faster, reading is no different, and speed reading classes are now big business. Enjoy these speed reading tips which you can try on your own right now.

1) Practice Makes Perfect

One of the most obvious read faster techniques is in fact the most obvious tip for improving anything, is practice, practice, practice.

Speed Reading Techniques 2) Time Yourself

It is useful to know your speed at the start, so time yourself reading a favorite passage or article in a newspaper using a stopwatch. There are also some useful speed reading tests available on the internet.

Simply time yourself at the beginning of your self help training, and then keep testing yourself periodically to see if there has been an improvement. This is one of the most important quick reading techniques.

3) Don’t Get Distracted

It is important to get rid of distractions while you are practicing your speed reading. I advise that you turn off the ringer on your phone and shut down your email software. You may think that you can concentrate better with background music, but even being in a room with people chattering can cause a distraction and you will do much better if you are able to completely focus without interruptions.

If you can’t find anywhere completely quiet, why not invest in a pair of discrete earplugs to help block out the noise?

4) Make It a Habit NOT to Re-Read (Great Speed Reading Tip)

One of the best speed reading tips is to train yourself not to re-read the same material. Often you don’t even know that you’re doing it, but many people read and re-read the same words over and over to make sure that they understand the meaning.

You can use a piece of plain paper or card to cover the lines down the page as you have read them to make sure that your eyes don’t wander back to them, starting slowly at first and gradually speeding up as you improve with practice.

5) Eliminate Sub-Vocalization

This is one of the best speed reading techniques because when reading, many people sub vocalise or silently pronounce the words. Whether you actually move your lips or say the words in your head it’s important to stop as it slows you down.

You must remember that speed reading requires a great deal of practice, but it’s a good idea to time yourself every now and then just to see how much improvement you have made.

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