Average Reading Speed – What Is It In Words Per Minute?

average speed reading words per minute pic Are you looking for information on what the average reading speed is? There are all different speeds of reading it will just depend on who you are as well as other factors like how well you are able to comprehend what is being read. There is a general chart and you can look to see where you fall under these guidelines. Chances are that you like most people will be around average or a little above.

If you are able to read between 1 and 100 words in a minute then you have a reading ability that is basic. This is a low level reading experience and a low understanding as well as comprehension. There are high levels of regression at this speed as well as mind drifts and sub-vocalization. At this peed reading is very hard work.

If you are reading between 100 and 200 words a minute then you this is average if you are between the ages of six and twelve. If you are over this age then you have probably been avoiding reading whenever it was possible. This has a level of regression, concentration problems, and sub-vocalizing that is quite high. You are probably on being able to comprehend about fifty percent of what you are actually reading.

The Reading Speed Average

At a rate of 200 to 250 words each minute you are at the average reading speed per minute. This is where the majority of the readers in the world are at. The regression at this stage is at about ten percent. You probably have are fully sub-vocalizing everything that you are reading. There are concentration problems occasionally. There is also a general understanding of about half of what you are reading.

At 250 to 350 words each minute you are falling somewhere above average in your speed. This is where people who have graduated high school or who enjoy reading will likely fall. There are some regressions and some sub-vocalizing going on. There are no issues with being able to understand more than half of what you are reading.

At 350-500 words each minute you are getting a decent bit above average. This is getting close to good comprehension as well as a good understanding of what is read. There is likely an enjoyment of reading at this stage.  There is also a better recognition of words.

When you reach stages above this you are getting extremely above the average reading speed and are likely to have comprehension of around seventy-five percent or above. This is not typical of many individuals.