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Elite Speed Reading Review

Learning how to speed read is a great way to enhance your academic and professional skill-set. The Elite Speed Reading program allows you to learn speed reading in an efficient, dynamic, and powerful way.

The Elite program is one of the best on the internet for learning how to speed read — but capitalizing on its greatest features requires a serious time commitment.

This Elite Speed Reading review is split into 3 parts, covering Elite’s

(1) course design,

(2) ease of use,

(3) help and support.

Overall, the review is very positive, but the Elite program is not without its faults.

Course Design

What sticks out most about the Elite Speed Reading training program is the format of the content. Text and software products are common — Elite Speed Reading is audio and video. That means less time staring at PDFs, and more time learning new techniques.

Elite Speed Reading starts off fast: sign up with your name and email, and you get a free training video. This video goes through some fairly solid speed reading techniques, in a simple, straight-forward manner — providing a good example of the program’s teaching style.

However, a significant part of the video (which I encourage you to sign up for) details the “main offer” of the website. There are two parts to it.

The first part is an MP3 entitled “The 7 Secrets to Doubling Your Reading Speed”. This is 40 minutes long, and is packed with a tremendous amount of information. This material is intended to get your reading speed “up and running” right away.

The second part is a 16-week online training course. This is the real core of the program. The training here is fast, serious, and incremental. Login to the Members’ Area, and every week you’ll find new audio lessons, with an impressive array of exercises, drills, and techniques. Every week builds on top of the last, so if you want to make use of the really advanced material, you’re going to have to put in some time and effort.

Ease of Use

Everything on Elite is handled through the main website. Once your order goes through, you create an account, and you login to the Members’ Area.

There, you’ll find links to everything you need — the “7 Secrets” MP3, the Weekly Training modules, and even some interesting little “Quick-Start” videos, intended to introduce you to speed reading and the training style of the site.

All of this is very easy to find, and incredibly easy to consume. All of the core content is audio-based, which means that you don’t need to “read about how to improve your reading skills”; just click “Play”, sit back, and absorb the information. There are text materials also, as extras: exercise sheets, lesson summaries, and bonus material. All of this content can be streamed from the website, or downloaded to your computer, for future use.

The training itself is exactly as straight-forward as it should be. The lessons are all approximately 15 minutes long, and most of them will require you to do some reading exercises during the lesson. For this purpose, you’ll need to pick out a non-fiction book to work through (you’ll be instructed on what kind of book is ideal). With your book in hand, and the audio coming through your speakers, you’ll be guided through the paces, and every week you will improve.

Help and Support

The most important aspect of “help and support” is contact: as a customer of the program, and especially as a “member”, you want to be sure that you have contact to helpful people with the expertise you need.

Your main contact on Elite Speed Reading will be Mark Smith. As you’ll learn in the initial free video, and in all of the lessons thereafter, Mark Smith designed the entire Elite program — so he makes for a pretty good contact. You can send him emails, you can comment on the lessons, and he’ll reply, often with more detail than you might expect.

But you won’t need his help often. The website is well-designed, the materials are easy to find, and the training content explains itself. Should you need to cancel your membership, or request a refund, the process is impressively easy. You can do it entirely by yourself (there are instructions on the site), or you can send an email to Mark, and he’ll do it for you.


The Elite Speed Reading program is one of the best on the internet for learning how to speed read. The training is fresh and inventive, the content is well laid out, and support is fast and responsive.

If you’re looking for a well-designed, audio-based speed reading program, Elite Speed Reading is for you. It’s free to get started, and memberships are surprisingly affordable. The “16-week” commitment may scare off some, but the end result is remarkably worthwhile.

Check out Elite Speed Reading By Clicking Here today, and see for yourself.

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Have you heard of Tony Buzan Speed Reading?

Tony Buzan Speed Reading Tony Buzan speed reading was developed by a man named Tony Buzan. He was first inspired to  learn to read faster at the age of 14. He had been given a test that was to measure the mental skills of the students.

It had concealed in the test a speed reading test.  He scored at 213 words each minute. He thought it was great and that the score sounded really good. Read more…

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How to Improve Your Reading Speed and It’s Benefits

How to improve your reading speedLearning how to improve your reading speed and achieving the required speed of reading 200 to 300 words per minute is quite recommendable. However the steps to improving reading speed comes with benefits.

By previewing and skimming through the material helps one to improve reading speed. This step prepares the reader mentally and psychologically for the task thus reducing straining the eye and mind. Read more…

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