How to Increase Reading Speed and Comprehension

It is important to…

increase reading speed and comprehension.


Because there are those that are good in reading faster but in the end they do not understand anything that they have read. This makes it important for one to know how to go about understanding what you are reading when doing it faster.

There are those that are usually not able to read faster because of certain words that they do not know how to pronounce and they also do not know the meaning. You can deal with such words by reading on letter at a time. After reading letter by letter the next thing should be reading it word by word and in a loud voice to give you a chance of listening to yourself.  This is usually a good way of reading faster for those who are practicing a different language from their native one.

The next thing that you should do in order to read fast and comprehend what you are reading is to read with you hands. Reading with the hand allows one to read each and every word and do it much faster than they can imagine. This also gives you a better understanding of what you are reading since the mind takes in everything and it is able to comprehend.

It is also important to regularly time yourself so as to know whether you are improving or not. This is also a good way of knowing how well you can understand what you are reading at a fast rate and if there is any other form of training that you need to undergo to make it better.

Ensure that you do as much practice as possible so as to increase reading speed and comprehension because speed reading is actually a skill that needs so much practice.