How to Increase Reading Speed within Days

How to Increase Reading Speed Picture

How to increase reading speed is something that most people spend years trying to garner. The truth however is that this is not a hard thing to achieve and anybody can be able to increase the reading speed within days.

In average, the reading speed lies within 200 and 350 words per minute. This is however not a fixed rate and anybody can exceed it or go below it. If planning on increasing the speed, there are a number of things that one can do.

So to start you off here are a few speed reading techniques you can put to use immediately:

Tip #1 – Eyes

If you are looking at how to increase your reading speed, the first thing that you have to consider is your eyes. The main reason as to why most people lag behind when it comes to reading is because of their poor eyesight. Reading requires the eyes and their accuracy is what determines the speed at which they will be able to complete a certain number of words. If it is you or your child who experiences slow reading speed, go to an optician and have the eyes checked.

Tip #2 – Skimming

Skimming the entire document before commencing with the reading can also help in improving the speed of reading. Another reason as to why we are slow in reading is due to lack of an idea of what the content is talking about. With a rough idea on the article, one is able to adapt to that language and comprehend much faster hence increasing the speed. Understand the title, subtitle and look for major keywords before reading from the top.

Tip #3 – Pay LESS Attention to Difficult Words

Finally, if you wish to learn how to increase reading speed in as short a time as possible then you will have to stop paying too much attention on the difficult words. At times, going through the whole sentence or paragraph will help understand the difficult word. Never look out for the meaning of a word unless it is not clear after reading the whole passage.