How to Read Faster

Are you thinking that you need to learn about how to read faster?

The internet is going fast with more and more information, information that you can read. There is something on just about anything you are looking for. To keep up with the ever changing internet you need to read…

The question however is, are you reading efficiently? Only four to ten percent of mental abilities are actually being used by most of us.

Learning how to read faster is really about learning how you can use more of your mental abilities. When you are reading you are actually aware of a voice inside of your mind.

You probably are noticing that you have a voice falling as you are reading these words on your computer. This voice is actually called subvocalization. You might even notice a slight movement that is in either your tongue or even your throat region.

Here’s a Read Faster tip that will help!

If you are subvocalizing then you are actually limiting the speed that you are able to read to that of the speed that you are able to speak. This is only around three hundred words a minute on average.

The brain is actually capable of being about to think at a much faster speed than this.  When you are subvocalizing you are holding back the ability of your mind. There is an exercise that you can try.

As you are reading you will want to count silently to yourself count from one to ten. If you are doing this you won’t be able to subvocalize at the same time. This is a great way to get out of this habit.

As you are doing this exercise you will notice that you are becoming more aware of the fact that you no longer processing words in the throat or tongue region but you are actually starting to use  an area that is known as the ‘thought stream’ that is experienced in the top part of your head.

You will notice that as your reading starts to catch up with your speed of thinking that reading will not be as tiring as it once was and you will actually improve on your comprehension.

After you notice this you will want to work on speeding up the movement of your eyes.  This will also help in breaking the sub-vocalization habit due to your eyes moving fast than you are able to subvocalize. You will find that you have learned how to read faster just by using the methods mentioned above.