Reading Comprehension Strategies – Two Easy Skills

improve reading comprehension strategies and skills pic If you are looking for reading comprehension strategies then there are a few different things that you can do to start the process of improving your comprehension. Improving what you taking in when reading is something that many different people are looking to do now days. This is because there is now so much information that we need to read and process now days.

This is particularly true in people who are in high school and college as they do more reading than nearly anyone else. You will also find that you can start your children at a young age to be able to teach them the reading comprehension skills that they will use throughout their lives.  Even if you are out of school, working on your comprehension skills can be good for your employment opportunities or for your current career.

The 2 Best Reading Comprehension Strategies

#1) One way that you can start with increasing your comprehension skills is by researching the topic that you are going to be reading on. You should look for background information. This might appear on the actually book that you are reading you can look on the inner flaps or even on the cover of the book to see if there is any relevant information.   You might also find a website of the publisher helpful as some of these will include the background information. You will want to think about any information that you are reading and ask yourself a few different questions.

You will want to ask what type of text it is that you are reading. You will also want to know what you learned from the text and what you might expect that you should learn from it. IS the text that you are reading entertaining, informative, fact, or is it fiction? Lastly you will want to decide what it is that seems to interest you with this material.

#2) The next thing that you will want to do is to improve reading comprehension by reflection on what you read as well as ask questions about the material.  As you are reading it is likely that questions will arise. You will want to read until you find the answers for those questions. You can think about these questions or you can even proceed to write them down to ensure that you don’t forget them. If you are able to write down the questions it has been proven that this alone will increase your reading comprehension strategies.