Have you heard of Tony Buzan Speed Reading?

Tony Buzan Speed Reading Tony Buzan speed reading was developed by a man named Tony Buzan. He was first inspired to  learn to read faster at the age of 14. He had been given a test that was to measure the mental skills of the students.

It had concealed in the test a speed reading test.  He scored at 213 words each minute. He thought it was great and that the score sounded really good.

Then he learned that some of the faster students has come in at 314 words per minute. He was just reading at about average speed. Others were reading one hundred words per minute faster than he was.

After this he asked his teacher how he could improve on his reading speed.  He was told that there was just no way of being able to do this. That it was like his IQ.

He was soon able to search and then was able to read at 400 words per minute. Eventually his speeds even got to over 1000 words in a minute. He learned that training your mind is not much different than training your body is.

He was able to not only increase his speed of reading but his comprehension and his memory as well. By the way he went on to be a great educator and author who is well known for mind mapping techniques and showing people how to rapidly increase their memory.

Anyhow he was able to take notes better, pass his exams with ease, and was able to even study with more success. He saved days, weeks, even months of time by being able to speed read.

Tony Buzan speed reading is actually a result of over 40 years of practicing and researching in the speed reading field. It has many secrets that he has learned over this period of time.

There are many different things that this course will allow you to be able to do. You will be able to learn techniques that will increase your speed as much as ten fold. This will be down with no loss of understanding. You will also be able to increase your comprehension because you will be reading at thought speed.

You will be able be able to already transform your understanding of information.  Another thing is that you will be able to see how your eyes as well as your brain are able to absorb and even retain information.

You can even download this course online. There are courses that are taught but you can learn the same techniques in home right form your computer. Soon you can be reading at the rate that he was able to read with just a little learning and a little work and as shown in the Tony Buzan Speed Reading materials.